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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Need a good start to find out if your practice can stomach outsourcing?


As a practice owner or manager, you have to look closely at your internal situation before you can even decide whether outsourcing makes sense.  You have to review your environment, financial and staffing scenarios before moving the next decision process; hiring an outside billing firm.
Because the medical billing industry has been inundated over the years with home-based start ups, and offshore entities, many health care practitioners have been burned by inexperienced billing service providers.  The barrier to entry for the billing industry has been fairly low, which is why practice owners need to dig in much deeper when deciding if they should outsource, and how to decide who is qualified to be a good fit for their practice.

This is one of the most comprehensive checklists in the industry.  Use this now as a tool to do the proper due diligence in making what can be a game changing decision for your practice.  

This checklist was developed through a collaboration of health care providers, IT vendors, and the billing/consulting firm, AMBS, Inc., a Nationwide, 20 year billing service provider (www.AMBSinc.com ). Bryan Towns, President of AMBS, a published contributor to numerous industry articles, has been consulting and advising hundreds of health  care providers over the last 20 years, with best practice approaches to effective outsourcing and cost reduction measures.

Here are some of key things you will learn in this common sense and comprehensive FREE checklist:
  • Critical metrics you should be asking your inhouse biller/Office Manager or current billing company, to quickly determine the overall "health of your practice"
  • How to know what your cost savings or revenue enhancement will be by outsourcing
  • What to consider when setting up your in-house billing team
  • AND Much MORE
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